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"Mambo Odette thank you for this website and your Facebook page. I have learned so much. Just wanted others to know that after Mambo Odette gave me a reading I dreamed of the lo..."

Shellie D.

Best reading I ever had in my life

"I never considered love work before. My boyfriend had left me pregnant and moved back home to his mom and dad. After Mambo Odette completed my work he was back home with me. It..."


"I'd been to so many botanicas and spent so much money. All over New York City, without results. I needed a fast love spell. I was losing my husband to a 18 year old babysitter w..."

Rosa H.

Happy wife

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The lwa cousin is not poor

You know it is so funny. I have heard the same story 3 times in 3 ways from 3 people . within the last month. Each time the story gets better and better. People who do not really serve the lwa or know our angels will tell you that Cousin protects his bag because he is poor and does not have much. That the reason you do not put his item on a table altar like most lwa is because he is poor. Well I do not put his items on a table altar, because he is poor. He has let me know that he does not want other to see what he has. I am here to tell you that Cousin is rich, okay I said RICH! He has taught me to hide what I have as others will be so very jealous. I have to act as if I am poor so other will be comfortable, when the fact is I am not. I have a ritual I do with him where I give him $1,000. USD and he "filps" it for me. He can turn it into thousands and thousands of dollars very fast.This last year has been like a dream.It is funny how sometimes I go out without a dollar in my pocket as I have hide my money. I will pick up all this stuff in a store,go to pay and have to use a credit card as I have no cash on me. I do not have to carry around a large amount of money to know I am not broke.I will often find the next money for something ,before I touch the money I have hide.I find that I act just like Cousin.I have to remember it is Mambo Freda who makes me spend a lot of money like I do. I now ask myself "Do I really need that?" before I buy anything. I also to not buy things someone can give me for free. I know my angels and trust me Cousin is not poor. He does protect his bag and will get anyone who steals from him. Let me tell you why.

Before Cousin came to Haiti;in the orisha, he had some herbs stolen by some of the other orisha. They stole them from his bag. This gave them extra powers. Now THAT is why Cousin does not want others to see what he has. He has given me this lesson many times. It serves me well in Haiti as I do not want to make myself a target.I keep it simple by not being too dressy,not wearing gold (Mambo Freda again), or even pulling out US dollars. I dress down. Keep the big money under my clothes, and keep it simple. In Haiti that how we do. If someone has money, you will never know by looking at him.You may even call them poor, lol. Peace and love.

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