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Master Vodou Herbalist 

I never considered myself a "master" herbalist. I have been studying under an older bokor who is straight from Haiti. He has not been in this country very long and still only speaks Haitian Kreyol. He is either teaching me or testing me. Both; I think, on my knowledge of herbs. He is so SURPRISED! As am I, I know so, so very much more then I ever gave myself credit for. I have a lifetime worth of the secret knowledge of how we use herbs in Haitian Vodou. I know where to find them in Haiti and South Florida. What they look like and thousands of ways they are used. I know what herbs are used for what lwa or spirit, what bath, what cure, what herbs to use to make a demand of the spirits, and how to do it. When You make a demand of the lwa you are asking for authority or power. The spirit gives me as a mambo power to do things. This is why I laugh when people go to Vodou workers and ask for wealth, if the worker himself is living at home at 30 or with others, has no car, no house, no money. LOL, that worker's spirits must be weak or NOT working at at all!

People will down play this information as if it is nothing, because they want you to give it to them as if you were just talking about the weather. No way, LOL! Every herbs my teacher presented me with I knew what it was and so many ways to use it he said "okay, okay, you are good" so I would shut up. At that moment the student was the teacher, and he called me "grand"or " master" herbalist. I do feel blessed as most of the herbs I was given had the seed pods on them. I am ready for this spring. I can plant my island herbs up here. Until then I need to treat them as gold.

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