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"Mambo Odette thank you for this website and your Facebook page. I have learned so much. Just wanted others to know that after Mambo Odette gave me a reading I dreamed of the lo..."

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Best reading I ever had in my life

"I never considered love work before. My boyfriend had left me pregnant and moved back home to his mom and dad. After Mambo Odette completed my work he was back home with me. It..."


"I'd been to so many botanicas and spent so much money. All over New York City, without results. I needed a fast love spell. I was losing my husband to a 18 year old babysitter w..."

Rosa H.

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The Loa Kalfu in Haitian Vodou, Voodoo

I have really enjoyed my time in Haiti as always. As always I grow spiritually and interact with the loa on different ways. I was in the Department Central , Sodo. I was there for fete. Durning fete you can see people being mounted in the street, rara bands (my favorite ) , everyone wearing their colors and mushwas. There is just Vodou everywhere. There were also many international mystics there from the USA and other countries. You see all kinds of people , all races too. I love it. At fete your either an international mystic or a Haitian mystic, but we are all just mystic people. I felt none of the racist issues like we have in the USA.

I stopped at one spot in the street where people were making demands of the loa , Kalfu. I too made demands, took a few photos and kept it moving. It has been about 8 or 9 days now. I had a dream of Kalfu. When you work with him correctly or any loa correctly, there is always movement. Even after a reading you should have movement or manifestation in the form of a dream or vision. First let me say this, if you do not know how to serve Kalfu correctly, get a reading. Or just leave him alone. He is one of those loa who you serve correct or not at all. Kalfu is not served inside your home or on an altar inside your home. He lives outside. He stays outside. In my dream I was at a vendor in Haiti. She grabbed the items out my hand and said, "No! Kalfu want you to do this." She handed me two items and told me to do these at the crossroad outside my house in Haiti. I saw myself doing it in my dream. When I woke up, I could not breath correctly and it was midnight.

You can make an altar for Kalfu, but it is outside. Usually at a crossroad. This is how Kalfu is served in Haiti. Fete is so powerful. When you go to fete expect to see and have spiritual growth.

I posted some videos on Youtube. Also on Facebook fan page. The links are on my "Vodou links" page in this webs

Peace and love from Mambo Odette 

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