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"Mambo Odette thank you for this website and your Facebook page. I have learned so much. Just wanted others to know that after Mambo Odette gave me a reading I dreamed of the lo..."

Shellie D.

Best reading I ever had in my life

"I never considered love work before. My boyfriend had left me pregnant and moved back home to his mom and dad. After Mambo Odette completed my work he was back home with me. It..."


"I'd been to so many botanicas and spent so much money. All over New York City, without results. I needed a fast love spell. I was losing my husband to a 18 year old babysitter w..."

Rosa H.

Happy wife

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Land For Kouzin

My angel,, my loa Kouzin left me. He left me and went back to Haiti. I was okay with that until the loa was called and Kouzin asked me how I could leave him out in the hot sun, rain, streets with no where to rest. I replied that he has a place to rest, the temple. The temple where my family loa came from in Haiti. Kouzin say he wanted his own land to rest. That it is too cold in Delaware for him and that he will come see me for a visit when I put my garden in. But he (Kouzin) can not work in the cold. I had a very fruitful year last year , because of the loa Kouzin. I did not want to upset him nor leave him in a homeless state. I take care of my spirits. I brought a piece of land in Haiti for my angels. I have to return this year and plant banana, hot pepper ect on this land. You all know I know how, but I am sure I will pay someone to do it for me. The men in my life would have a fit to see me working the land. But I can do it. i also want to buy a few sheep, and a black goat. I connected to the land here in Delaware. I connected to the Natives who worked the land and slaves who worked the land after them. Brave ( Gede spirit) told me that I need to connect to the land that my blood fought for , and shed blood on (Haiti) in the revolutionary war. Some people claim to be priest of Haitian Vodou but they do not have even ONE person in their blood line fight in the revolutionary war in Haiti. I DID! And they claim to serve Kouzin, LOL! Welcome to Authentic Haitian Vodou...

The photo below is land in Haiti for my loa to go to for rest. This is just the beginning, Bondye willing. Haiti is so sweet!

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