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"Mambo Odette thank you for this website and your Facebook page. I have learned so much. Just wanted others to know that after Mambo Odette gave me a reading I dreamed of the lo..."

Shellie D.

Best reading I ever had in my life

"I never considered love work before. My boyfriend had left me pregnant and moved back home to his mom and dad. After Mambo Odette completed my work he was back home with me. It..."


"I'd been to so many botanicas and spent so much money. All over New York City, without results. I needed a fast love spell. I was losing my husband to a 18 year old babysitter w..."

Rosa H.

Happy wife

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How To Do A Love Spell That Works ,Top 5 Love Spells

Many people ask me how they can preform a love spell. There are so many different kind of love spells that I don't even know where to start to began to reply to such a question. The first place I start before any kind of love spell is , I call the spirit. The loa. The person may have a case where the loa will nor bind a person and they have to use a djab or left hand spirit to go get the man and bring him back.

I had to be trained over a period of years how to preform a Voodoo love spell. I had to go into Haiti, go into the mountains of Haiti, and pay to learn these spells or wanga. One spell at a time. It is not free to learn to use your left hand. Love spells are black magic. Love spells are left handed. Here are just a few love spells that I use. If a client does not see results one way, I do it another way. Until we have movement or manifestation. There is no one who can not be touched by Haitian Voodoo (Vodou) love spells.

1. The Dream Spell Love Spell: A spirit is sent to the man or woman's dreams to make them think about you. Go check on your Facebook. Drive by your house , and contact you.

2. The Spiritual Padlock Love Spell: This is very left handed. I have not seen it fail. It is a spiritual padlock that is placed on someone.

3. Baby Umbilical Cord Spell: This spell is used to make a father return to his family and take responsibility for his children. The cord has DNA of the mother and the father. I have a 100% success rate with this spell.

4. The "Rele Vini" Love Spell: This is a love spell that works very well if you have no contact with the person. The spirit calls them back to you.

5. The Gede Love Spell: This requires going into the graveyard to complete your work.

There are so many Voodoo Love Spells that I have learned. This is the top 5 love spells. When the spirit is called or you have a reading. You will be told the best course of action for your case. Message me here or on my Facebook link for a reading.  

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