Authentic Haitian Vodou


A good father / Vodou tattoo

A good father is priceless. There is nothing like the love of a father, nothing. I can always tell children who have a good father by the way the act, play, treat others, ect...  I was going to get my hair cut but changed my mind as my father always liked my hair long.

I went to the tattoo shop today. I have only one other tattoo and it it for my father. I desided to get BUTERFLIES. The butterfly is the sign for HOUNGANS and MAMBOS in Vodou. I feel like a butterfly. The lady asked me for my I.D. in the tattoo shop. I asked  "Really?" ;lol. She said " You do not look 18 years old". I was thinking she was teasing me, but her face was so serious. I gave her my I.D. On the way back to the room I passed a mirror and had to stop and look again. I could see why the lady wanted my I.D. I did not only tranform spiriturally , but physically. I got a tattoo of two butterflies. The large one is for my Father (honor be to him) and the small one is for me MAMBO ODETTE. Peace and love.


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