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I have used herbs from a child to heal. I have a djakout that is over full of herbs. Most are from Haiti, some I try to grow here in the summer time. You know bad things happen to good people. If bad things did not happen to good people my father would live forever. Cancer is very painful. It hurts more then just the person who has it. Cancer gives you more then just a physical pain. My father has been dead over 15 years, so I  feel no pain anymore. Until I have a cliet who has so much pain that I can feel it from a hug. So much pain that medication does not stop or lessen it. So when the doctors do not help who do the people turn to? Bondye (God). Good God leads them to me, and my work begins. I crush, and mix the herbs and go before the lwa / loa. Well, my god said to me;"You have mixed many herbs and they are all good. But the herb you need to take the pain from she is a little Mary-Jane." Now that is one herb I do NOT have. And personally I stay away from anything that would make me gain weight. O how do I tell someone this is what they need? Then I think of my father's last days. He was strong to the end, so strong. But if he had asked me for a little Mary- Jane, I would have found it for him. Medical marijuana has just become legal in Delaware. Legalize it everywhere.

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