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Will the correction ever stop?  My little girl asked me this morning why  was crying. I replied ," I am okay."  When I met Brave last week, he told me he is "a man not a boy..." He told me I am like a "baby". That I am being treated like a nany and that it is time for me to leave my papa kanzo and go other places so I can grow and become a woman. I was embarrassed a bit as a client was there. You can not learn all you need to know about Vodou from one person. This does not mean I am leaving my papa kanzo. The lwa teach us when we are ready. This morning I dreamed of Brave. He told me that he is a Muslim and that if I was to work with his horse ( my bokor friend) that II am not to show up with my head not covered. That is why he was upset with me. During the light when Brave was speaking to me he told me he would leave a not for the horse to "help" me among other things. My friend is a very powerful bokor. I know I walk behind him. I knew this the moment I met him. I have nothing but HONOR AND RESPECT for him. I am honored Brave told him to teach me. When the student is ready the teacher does appear. Even in a small town the size of Wal-Mart, LOL!   Ayibobo!





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