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Sex In Haitian Voodoo Vodou

To the disappointment of some people, there is not much sex in Haitian Vodou. The sex that does happen is between a person and the spirit or loa. This sex usually takes place in ones dreams. You may dream you have sex with a beautiful lady on the beach, who disappears into the ocean. Our loa or spirits often have sex with us in our dreams. This is one reason why a person who has married the spirit, must sleep alone in the bed on that spirits night. Even if you only serve the loa, they may become very jealous if you have sex with someone on their night. It does not matter if that person is your husband or wife. On the spirits night you should take a bath, use the perfumes your loa likes, sleep in white, and make your bed up in white sheets. Sleep alone and wait for your spiritual husband or wife. The spirit may come and talk to you. Heal you if you are sick. And yes, have sex with you.

 Mambo Odette 


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