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Ezili Danto

 Some people think the saint image used for the loa Ezili Danto in Haitian Vodou is of a White lady. I was even told that the paint had darkened over time , and that is why the image appears Black. No way loves. Even the Polish image was restored with Black skin after is was destroyed in a raid. Mama (Ezili Danto) is an African woman, NOT a Haitian woman. A lot of our loa are African. We have to know our roots. Know our own history.  That takes work, but to rely on outsiders to educate us about our own religion is suicide. Our African spirits know us. They know Africans , even Africans who live outside Africa. That does not make your blood any less AFRICAN. You see, outsiders want the power of Vodou. There is war in Vodou. They outsiders want to change Vodou. But I am here to tell you , you must have at least one African ancestor to serve these spirits. Palo will not even scratch a homosexual as a priest. Now outsiders want to change our religion, the oldest one. The original! No way! We know who we are worry about you.      Join Me On Facebook!



Peace and love
Mambo Odette


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