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Practicing Vodou Alone

 It is not possible for most people to serve the loa (practice Vodou) alone. Unless you are powerful as HELL! Most people do NOT have enough energy on their own to call the spirits. When you have a group of people who put their energy together to call a loa, chances are the spirit will show up. You need a lot of energy to attract a lot of energy. I love when "Mr. Bokor" calls the loa. People just start showing up. The word spreads and before long there is a small group in there. The power is like that of the temple in Haiti. I am charged up for a good week or two. I received Brave because Mr. Bokor touched me, just like in the temple. The last time he called Brave, the spirit said to me "you are sick?" I said "yes". Brave gave me some herbs and told me how to prepare them (the Gede love to heal). You can not get that trying to serve the loa online.


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