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How To Make A Deal With Papa Legba, Strong Back Herb

I have some work to do today for Papa Legba. Strong back herbs is one of the herbs that is used to make demands of Papa Legba. Strong back herb is also the herb of Esu in orisha worship. Papa Legba has given me a contact that could never believe. A lady had ordered some herbs from me online. I always want my people to have satisfaction and use the herbs correctly. We messaged back and forth and turned out she is the wife of a member of one of the the top Racine Haitian music bands. One of my favorite bands as a matter of fact. I told her of a song I wrote and wanted to have recorded. She gave me a contact. So when I reach Haiti it is on! Papa Legba put me on! Trust that! This is a big contact for me ,that I really appreciate.

If you are making a deal with Papa Legba , strong back herb is essential.  There are many ways to use strong back herb to make demands of the loa , in Haitian Vodou. 

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Peace and love from Mambo Odette 

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