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A message from the lwa / loa

I have so many people who are unable to go to Haiti for whatever reason(s). I feel that most are not trying hard enough. They want a message from the spirit , but can not go to Haiti. I remember one of the first messages I got in serve from the lwa. When the god came in he greeted a few people then came straight for me.It feels so good just to have lwa acknowledge you. He shook his head as he shook my hands and then asked me " Where have you been? Where have you been? I have been waiting for you almost 30 years..." 

Why did I keep my god waiting so long? He was with me , protecting me the whole time. Most of my " friends" I use to party with are in jail, on drugs, have HIV, have lost their children, ect... I know that only becuse Good God and my angels it is them and not me. My god waited for me and I know he is not going to let me go anywhere.

This is what I love about working with people hands on. I can not wait for my botanica to open so people do not have to keep the lwa waiting.

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