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Medicinal Haitian Herbs Used In Vodou Voodoo

Herbs, plants, and the FOODS we eat are our medicine in Haiti. Prevention is much better then seeking a cure to an illness. When I do a light (reading) for someone, the loa in my head will see if that person is sick. I am obligated to tell that person what the loa has said. They confirm it from past doctor visits, medical history, or later after a doctor visit and blood work has been done. Our loa can look at you or speak to you and tell you what is medically going on with you. My spirits, or loa are spiritual doctors. They tell me what herbs to give the person or what they must eat or stop eating, ect. I have NEVER seen the loa incorrect in such matters. My spirits are not sleep. 

I have an online shop on Etsy. I sell the most common herbs used in Haiti for herbal medicinal treatment of high blood pressure, obesity, high blood sugar or diabetes , male sexual dysfunction , blood cleaning (Asosi is number one to clean blood), ect... These herbs are usually made into a tea or steeped in rum. I offer consults on how to correctly prepare and use you your herbs. I also offer Haitian coffee. Just because it is good, lol.

Peace and love from Mambo Odette

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