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My Uncle Leo and his worker have been very busy today. Let me back up my loves. I woke up this morning and went to my closet. Not for clothes but to talk to my angels and have smoke. I woke up feeling the need to smoke and I do not even smoke. My god gave me the herbs to put in the jar of water before me. I did and wondered what it was for. It was a bath for favor from the gods. I remember it as I stirred it. I sat it on the doorstep to warm in the sun until I returned when I left the house.

There is an houngan in Florida (Houngan X) who I am growing to really respect. He told me that he saw handmade wood shelves in my shop. I laughed, as that is not how I saw it. After being raised in the country the last thing I wanted was something handmade. Well, Mambo Freda and I had a vision of nice commercial shelves. So I let it slide. All day long my warriors were in a rage. They want all the items I carried here from Haiti to have a place. I put one of the CDs my godfather made for me in the car CD player, as I just wanted to hear his voice. It relaxes me. It is as if he never gets upset about anything. I could still feel the warrior loa in a rage. Until I opened the door and saw what my Uncle Leo and his worker had done. Not bad! Someone please, please, please tell me why I picked up a paintbrush and tried to paint? As I painted a dripped paint places it did not belong, I could hear the words of Houngan X. They came back loud and clear. He said he saw a place with handmade wood shelves. I laughed, and unpacked two boxes just to see how things would look. I took a few photos to show mainly my godson and Houngan X, but I want to share it with everyone too. I feel things will be finished before April 6 ( Good God willing). I thanked Bondye for letting me know I am on the right path.

That bath is still a little cool but before I go to bed I plan to scrub down with it. I can not stop smiling. Everything I ask my angels for they give my quickly. I am going to have the photo of my god father and I with the grand houngan (in our Temple in Haiti) blown up and framed for my shop. Ayibobo! Peace and love, I am Mambo Odette

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