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Voodoo Love spells

Love spells, love spells, love spells, lol.  Binding love spells, Voodoo love spells, reunite old lovers love spells. You name it, I've had the situation come before me. There are so many ways to do loves. I have a story for just about every way. I need to write a book about love spells. I feel loves are a control issue when most men want them. For women, it is usually a case where she has given a man her youth and birthed his children and now he wants to trade her in or be free. We invest a part of our-self in other person when we fall in love. It leave us wide open. Open it experience love. Wonderful love. But sometimes people take this openness for weakness. I have a four month old puppy who rolls over on his back and exposes his tummy to me. It shows me he trust me, as this is a weak position. I find when I am weakest , this is when the spirit is strongest. I find when I cry, my angel takes the health of my enemy. It is a beautiful thing to still trust and open yourself up to love when you have been hurt. Never stop looking for love everywhere. Start with yourself. Peace and love.


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