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How To Do A Love Spell That Works ,Top 5 Love Spells

Many people ask me how they can preform a love spell. There are so many different kind of love spells that I don't even know where to start to began to reply  to such a question. The first place I start before any kind of love spell is , I call the spirit. The loa. The person may have a case where the loa will nor bind a person and they have to use a djab or left hand spirit to go get the man and bring him back. 

I had to be trained over a period of years how to preform a Voodoo love spell. I had to go into Haiti, go into the mountains of Haiti, and pay to learn these spells or wanga.  One spell at a time. It is not free to learn to use your left hand. Love spells are black magic. Love spells are left handed. Here are just a few love spells that I use. If a client does not see results one way, I do it another way. Until we have movement or manifestation.  There is no one who can not be touched by Haitian Voodoo (Vodou) love spells. 

1. The Dream Spell Love Spell:  A spirit is sent to the man or woman's dreams to make them think about you. Go check on your Facebook. Drive by your house , and contact you.

2. The Spiritual Padlock Love Spell: This is very left handed. I have not seen it fail. It is a spiritual padlock that is placed on someone. 

3. Baby Umbilical Cord Spell: This spell is used to make a father return to his family and take responsibility for his children. The cord has DNA of the mother and the father. I have a 100% success rate with this spell.

4. The "Rele Vini" Love Spell: This is a love spell that works very well if you have no contact with the person. The spirit calls them back to you. 

 5. The Gede Love Spell:  This requires going into the graveyard to complete your work.

There are so many Voodoo Love Spells that I have learned. This is the top 5 love spells. When the spirit is called or you have a reading. You will be told the best course of action for your case.  Message me here or on my Facebook link for a reading.  


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