Authentic Haitian Vodou


Clairin...The drink of the loa. (kleren)

Barbancourt Rhum cost a lot of money for some people who live in Haiti. So you can buy a homemade rum called clairin (kleren). It is clear, it looks like like water. I heard of people putting it in water bottles to bring to bring home to the States, lol. It is very sweet, as it is made from sugarcane. It makes you very drunk, very fast! When you step to walk, it seems the ground is moving. When you reach for something, you grab air. It is overproof I am sure.  When you send someone to buy rum for you to call the spirits in Haiti, you do not send for Barbancourt, but CLAIRIN. Barbancourt is for the big services. I love rum and Barbancourt makes me remember all the fun I have when I go to Haiti. But clairin is the rum of the Haitian people. Trust that!              

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 NOTE:  Haitian kleren (clairin) is NOT  a dangerous drank!  Anyone who has made homemade rum knows that  METHANOL is a by-product of distilling rum. After you ferment your rum and you are ready to distill it about week later. The first liquid to roll out is NOT rum, but methanol. You toss this out. After your rum has reached at least 176 degrees then what rolls out is rum. Anyone who has made rum at home or in Haiti knows this. Anyone who has not needs to stop being so nosey and sending me links to stuff you know nothing about. You have never even been to Haiti. Clairin is safe. This is PROPAGANDA ! You need to buy rum from someone who you trust. I do not eat or drank from people  do not know in Haiti. Do not buy any food or drank that may not have been cook correctly. With the right hygiene and tools. That goes double for rum. You can not train on me. You need to have been making rum for years before  will buy from you. You can not stop people from making rum in Haiti, it is a way of life that has been for hundreds of years. Now, trust this; if you want to see people take to the streets in Haiti, mess with the RHUM.  ( This is why I no longer deal with outsider , because they see Haiti, but they do not know Her. Outsiders make me talk too much. Haitian people know kleren is the best!)



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