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Quotes Ms.Odette has been like a mother and best friend to me. She help me look inside myself, get my life back on rtack and help me find the problem that was holding me back for 9 months. THANKS! :-) Quotes
Seeing clearly

Quotes ms odet i have been viewing ur site and have falling in love with it u see i am the daughter of a card reader whom a whole town came to for readings love spells and a lot of other things like feeling for spirits sayances but my mother kept pictures of marie lavoes grave she always wanted to make it she died of cancer a long time ago and i ve been my own since i was a child i meant to make it to n.o but katrina held me back i am not to far from louisiana and am coming for marti gras ive been researching marie and she is the decendent of a slave owner and his misstress my real grandfather wouldnt claim me cuz i wasnt pure and so am i i wish to go and to learn more because i do want to become powerful like my mother Quotes
my name is bri

Quotes I kept having the same dream for years. I never knew what its meaning. I emailed Ms. Odette and she explained it to me. Now I am at peace and planning to marry. I feel like i talked to the other side myself. My life has changed. Quotes
at peace

Quotes i was this website and was a bit skeptical, but after seeing her youtube vids i was curioius enough to buy some soap from her. i was impressed withthe fast shipping, and while im still skeptical of her, the handmade soap i ordered was amazing and indeed worth every penny. im really not sure if i can go back to irish spring. Quotes

Quotes YOUR FLORIDA WATER SOAP IS THE GOOD-BETTER-AND BEST ALL IN ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Quotes

Quotes Ms. Odette about 3 months ago I asked you to help me. You sent me a black candle and stuff. My boyfriends baby mom was coming over sleep with my man in our bed. Well it is another women this time. I need the same stuff. His baby mom moved to California and is so far .I need ths lady to move far to. plz help!!! Quotes
made as hell

Quotes I love Odette302. You are the real deal. I have my girlfriend home and she don't even want to leave the house.She use to stayin the streetz ,but now she can't get enough of our house,now she is a mom. Quotes
business owner

Quotes I was one of your first viewers. Thanks for the Erzili soap, shr responds to me when I use it. Quotes
youtube viewer
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