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Sanpwel In The Crossroad

Posted by Madam Mambo on January 8, 2017 at 2:40 PM
Sanpwel In The Crossroad It is no secret that Mambo Odette live in the main crossroad of Sodo, Haiti. It seems all of Sodo knows who I am and that I am there for spiritual reasons. I received my first family from the USA last month. It was beautiful. Sodo, Haiti is so mystic and spiritual that you can not visit all the spiritual places in one trip. Sodo , Haiti is where the loa or spirits first came to in Haiti. Don't get it twisted. Sodo is not all Ginen. My husband's uncle is Sanpwel. He asked me many times to come to their meetings and I always refuse. But in Sodo, the meetings come to you. The first in my apartment I was awakened at 2 something in the morning. A man was in the crossroads singing and ringing a bell. My husband said " This song is Sanpwel ." I ask him what it said. He told me the words said; anyone he finds outside he will eat (a spiritual term). I looked out the window and saw him running in a circle, singing louder, as others joined him. My husband went out to look over our balcony at them. I told him to stay inside, but he is fearless at times. They continued and then left. I looked at my phone, it was 3 a.m. I asked my husband why the police did not say anything? We live right across from the station. My husband laughed and said the police are Sanpwel too. Sodo, Haiti is very country. You don't see many cars. Most people walk , ride a horse or donkey, or take the motorcycle taxi. The countryside is Sanpwel territory. I have learned that in Sodo, you never know what you may see in the crossroads. Walk around it, and mind your own business. I also have felt a 100 percent increase in spiritual power after moving to Sodo. I felt a healing. I felt a spiritual connection. Sodo is where I belong. If you are serious about Vodou / Voodoo love spell work. Sodo , Haiti is the capital. There are all kinds of spirits working and living in Sodo. Spirits that will go get your husband and bring him home. Spirits that will make that man or woman marry you. There is something about the crossroads I live in. There is a reason people do so much work there. So many spirits live in this crossroad. It is no accident the loa planted me there. You know where to find me, if you need spiritual work. I will meet you at the crossroad in Sodo, Haiti. Mambo Odette

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