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Champwel Haitian Vodou, Sodo Haiti

Posted by Madam Mambo on January 19, 2017 at 3:25 PM
Champwel, Sanpwel Country I fell in love with Sodo, Haiti the first time I went there, and moved there last year. Sodo is super charged spiritually. I love the mountains, waterfall, there is water everywhere in Sodo, I just found peace. I feel I will die in Sodo. Just bury me there please. Our prayers and songs in Haitian Vodou, sang about Sodo so much. Sodo has many names, but people who truly serve the loa know, they speak of Sodo. I love the openness of Vodou in Sodo. It does not have to be fete to see people wearing spiritual clothes. There is usually something in the crossroads or hanging from a tree, or nailed to a tree. The waterfall is not the only place the loa live in Haiti. All over Sodo. How has Vodou been allowed to be so open and yet protected in Sodo? It is not like that in Port au Prince. How has this mystic place remained consecrated and respected? There is a crew that sweeps the streets and removes trash almost every day. Why have Christian people not removed or destroyed our sacred places? Haitian Vodou is not for sale in Sodo. You are not going to come to Sodo, Haiti with a internet circus act, calling it Haitian Vodou. They will make you respect! If you make it to Sodo, Haiti you are a true mystic! Peace and love from Mambo Odette

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