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Love Spells ,Not Trauma Bonding/ Ghetto Love

Posted by Madam Mambo on March 3, 2018 at 6:45 PM
Ghetto Love??? Relationships are like glass. Easy to break. And hard to repair. I always tell my clients; when your ex partner comes back. After the spirit goes to get him. Handle him like an egg. That means no negativity! Don't jump all over him fighting and cursing. Unless you want to raise your baby alone or with a step father. Some clients are just "ghetto". I hate to use that term. It feels almost racist. But I can't understand how someone feels unloved, unless they are being abused and mulipulated. Is that a sign of true love??? No! It is a kind of tie or binding. A trauma binding. It is because someone may already not like themself. They live in fear constantly losing her "relationship". She feels powerless, and resentful. This is a very dangerous kind of client. They often lash out and become aggressive with the spiritual worker and not themself. They refuse to take any responsiblity for their own life. They lie without reason. I begin to understand why that man left. Why this client goes from relationship to relationship. You attract to you, what you are. This is why , I see young ladies with 6-7 children and each one, is from a different relationship. Stop trying to bind men with trauma and drama. A spiritual love binding is much better and stronger. It brings peace and restore balance. This idea of "ghetto love", has got to go. I can't raise grown people. Learn when to let go, they will come back. When to hold on, when to forgive, and when to walk away. Contact me for a relationship reading. Mambo Odette Sodo,Haiti

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